Best Remote Job Boards for Writers


Content writing— especially freelance work in this field—is among the most sought-after industries, and this is why many online job boards cater specifically to freelance writers.

With so many people leaving their jobs after Covid-19 and the Great Resignation, the need for freelance writers has skyrocketed.

With so many writers looking for work, getting a paying writing gig might be challenging unless you’re willing to work long hours for low money. You can search for jobs by any criterion, including full-time, part-time, and flexible availability.

Keep in mind that there are full-time in-house content writing positions. However, employers tend to shy away from this choice.  This post compiles numerous other job boards with some of the most diversified writer and employer communities.

  1. Mediabistro

Mediabistro is a job board for freelance writers where experienced writers can find opportunities with organizations that offer reasonable prices.

It’s a great site to look for writing jobs in your area as well as media-related positions, as well as to find numerous resources. More resources are available to members, including resume reviews, pitch advice, training, and introductions to other professionals.

Distinctive Features

More than 200 new job postings are made each week in many fields, giving you plenty of options for potential pitches.

Mini-courses offered for free on topics like Facebook advertising, social media trends, and working with other influencers can help you improve your skills and open up new opportunities for financial gain.

Job postings that are a good fit for any specific writing you want to do can be quickly and easily located using the site’s user-friendly interface.

  1. BloggingPro

BloggingPro is an excellent location to find vetted job opportunities for freelance writers. Many freelancing opportunities in content writing, copywriting, and journalism are listed here. Most of the jobs may be done from home, whether they’re part-time or full-time.

The job postings on BloggingPro are pretty specific about the type of candidate the company is seeking, so it’s easy to get a position that fits your skill set.

You’ll find a link to an application or contact information at the end of each post.

Distinctive Features

Each job description is analyzed, and those belonging to companies with low approval ratings are taken down. In most cases, the pay rate for writing jobs is clearly stated.

Lists helpful websites, ebooks, guidelines, and suggestions for aspiring writers, bloggers, and authors just starting in the freelance industry.

  1. CraigsList

If you search carefully, there are some significant writing positions on this job board. Avoid accepting any writing jobs that pay less than minimum wage.

Seek out job postings that spell out in great detail what is expected of you, what skills you must have, and how much you can expect to be paid. Then research that company thoroughly as well.

Run as soon as you spot the word “exposure” anywhere! It means the company wants you to write for free and will promote your work in exchange for publicity, but you will not receive any payment for your efforts.

You shouldn’t waste your time and energy writing material that will be ignored or disregarded by a potential employer. The same goes for you; even starting as a freelancer, you should be compensated fairly for your work.

You can search for job postings in your city and others, filtering out those that don’t allow remote work. If you are willing to spend time and effort exploring various places, you can find legitimate freelance employment opportunities.

  1. Peak Freelance Job Board

Peak Freelance is one of the finest job boards for finding writing projects and freelance work. It’s made for people who want to improve their abilities as freelance writers. Members join a private Slack channel to talk shop, post job listings and get answers to pressing problems.

  1. Superpath Job Board

Superpath is a free online hub for content marketers, freelance writers, agencies, and in-house staffers to network with one another and share ideas.

You can check Superpath’s marketplace if you’re looking for a freelance writer. Brands and other businesses will reach out to you with invites to participate in projects.

  1. Freelance Writers Den

Freelance Writers Den is a fantastic resource for seasoned freelance writers in search of high-paying jobs.

This board is unique since it has access to other writer tools, such as 300+ hours of training videos and audio, 24/7 support forums, and a steady stream of new training information.

  1. ProBlogger Jobs

Initiated by the well-known blogger Darren Rowse, ProBlogger is a familiar site to many independent authors. After some time, it gained notoriety as a reputable job board for freelance writers. ProBlogger’s job board is a great place to find work, as it regularly features twenty or more job postings.

Keywords like “blogging,” “freelance,” “copywriter,” “Search Engine Optimization content writer,” “journalism jobs,” etc., can be used to find various types of writing employment.

  1. FlexJobs

Whether they prefer to work on-site or remotely, full-time or part-time, or as independent contractors, job seekers may benefit from Flex Jobs’ commitment to security and flexibility.

Flex Jobs only posts high-quality job openings because they have in-house professionals review every one. This is a paid service. Flex Jobs can be a good investment if you have the means and are located in the United States.

  1. Gotham Ghostwriters

For all of your writing needs, look no further than Gotham Ghostwriters, a full-service agency with deep connections to the publishing industry’s top agents, editors, journalists, and public relations and marketing experts.

Gotham Ghostwriters’ president, Dan Gerstein, has an impressive track record as a communications strategist and well-known political analyst. It is the best site to connect ghostwriters with A-list clientele, as it has over 2,500 editorial professionals and 20,000 freelance writers.

  1. Working in Content

In content strategy, design, marketing, and user experience, you may find a wide variety of job opportunities Working in Content. The latest job openings, in-depth interviews with industry leaders, and valuable resources can all be found in Working in Content’s free weekly email.

Using a job board like Working in Content to find your next content team member helps you reach a larger audience of potential hires. This is an excellent chance for smaller agencies to connect and get their name out there in their industry.


Jobs in the writing field can easily be found on the internet, and all that needs to be done is to track down the appropriate ones. Keep making pitches and writing, and your skills will grow. It would be best to build up some speed; that’s the trick. Afterward, you’ll be able to gain endorsements, recommendations, and further business.

Earn a living, do something you enjoy, and choose your schedule as a freelance writer. Employers are always looking for qualified individuals with strong communication skills.

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